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Hi - I'm Dr Tianna Conte

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I invite you to experience a complimentary 30 day service  (Value - $150.00)  that effortlessly balances your energy field and subtly reduces stress...making all things possible with ease and grace.



Dr Tianna Conte is a unique blend of mystic and scientist.  Her childhood mystical roots led to a career that has spanned over 25 years as a trained Naturopath, Ordained Interfaith Minster and initiated Shaman.  Her passion is in integrating ancient healing wisdom and cutting edge technologies in energy mastery. 

She is the director of Infinite Possibilities Productions, Co-Author of Love's Fire ~Beyond Mortal Boundaries & soon to be released “Living the Awakened Journey”.  She is also the producer and
co-star in Awaken Your Riches a movie inspired by Think and Grow Rich.


Imagine looking at a picture of a loved one while saying a prayer for them.  That is similar to what this technology does for you on a continual basis using a specialized computer and software.  As I scan your picture into the computer, I personally hold the vision of your desired manifestation.


Wow - I couldn't believe how quickly things shifted...

I immediately felt a shift and healing going on within my body as soon as Dr Tianna put my picture on the machine.  You might be thinking so what...  until you understand that she was in New York and received my photo and affirmations in the mail, while I was in Arizona.  I emailed her immediately when I felt the sensation and she said the email arrived within minutes of putting my photo into the machine.

Here's what happened next... I was going through some tough financial challenges and things started shifting immediately. Within 60 days I sold my house that had been on the market for over 6 months.  The great part is - I increased the price from $229K all the way to $277K and it sold for $265K cash!

Krystalya Marie', Sedona, AZ


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The benefits from the process are designed to:

4Release Stress

4Release Energy Imbalances

4Balance Your Energy

Experience this Quantum Technology Today, send us your photo and get started immediately on this empowered journey.

A free mp3 bonus describing yet another method of how modern science can be used to simplify your life in a practical way.  (Value - $10.00)

You will also receive ongoing secrets and shortcuts for releasing limiting beliefs and accessing your inner wisdom. (Value - $100.00)

Total Bonus Value $260.00

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